The Vibration Testing Module

Joseph C. Slater

Welcome to the Vibration Testing module. This module has three separate pieces in varying degrees of completion:

  • Signal processing
  • Model identification (Modal Analysis)
  • Model updating

If you are looking for a Matlab version, one does exist, but is not being actively developed by me. You’ll find more features hear. Volunteering to support Open Source is much more rewarding than volunteering to support Matlab.

This software is nominally provided without support, etc., but I will certainly answer a question or two. If you have professional-level needs please contact the authors. Further, please also submit bug reports with code indicating the error.

For more information, please see the documentation for the Python version but please excuse that it is still under development. Such documentation has never existed for the other ports of the module so this is taking some time. We don’t need feedback at this time, but we will take assistance in improving documentation and code.